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Nervous About Seeing the Dentist?

Our helpful staff specializes in sedation dentistry to help restore your healthy smile.

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Lamar Family Dentistry: Where Comfort is our first concern

At Lamar Family Dentistry, you and your family’s oral health are always our top concern.

We understand how scary dental offices and procedures can be, which is why our staff strives to provide a warm, comforting environment so you can feel as relaxed as possible.

All our services are performed in-office by our highly experienced staff, and we strictly utilize state-of-the-art tools and products to ensure you can obtain the best smile possible. For more information, please contact one of our locations today!

A Proud Provider of Invisalign® Clear Aligners


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Why Choose Us?

Our Lamar dentistry office differs from others in the area because:

  • We offer laser dentistry
  • We provide root canal therapy
  • We provide a friendly, caring staff
  • We offer dental care while you sleep
  • We offer non-surgical preventive gum therapy
  • We offer natural-looking full and partial dentures

Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful

Maintaining your oral health is just as important as keeping up with your physical health – and if you do not visit a dentist regularly, your overall health may be negatively affected as a result. Our staff at Lamar Family Dentistry have the tools and experience necessary to help enhance and protect your smile! From cosmetic dentistry to root canals, our seasoned dentists can provide you with a wide range of dental services. Our staff is gentle, caring, professional, and always puts your needs first!

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Lamar Family Dentistry

805 Broadway Street
Lamar, MO 64759


Lamar Family Dentistry, Broadway Street, Lamar, MO, USA

We Help You Afford the Care You Need and Deserve!

Lamar Family Dentistry and Stockton Dental Care accepts most major dental insurance plans, and will work with you to help you understand your benefits.


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We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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